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Why the townhome lifestyle may be best for you.

 Why the townhome lifestyle may be best for you.


 Detached Family homes are not always the ideal situation for EVERY buyer.

 For some buyers, townhomes may be an attractive alternative option.

There are many reasons such a buyer might consider a townhome. Here are some of the most common reasons a buyer might prefer a townhome property:



Because of townhomes are often more affordable than a single family home, a townhome may offer a chance for a buyer to own their own property and build equity, while paying a lower cost.  While size, location, and amenities ultimately determine values, often townhomes offer a great compromise for an individual who wants to have an opportunity to buy into certain markets.


Less Maintenance-

For an ‘empty nester’, a busy individual, someone who travels a lot, or even someone who wants a “lock and leave” vacation home, not having the ‘upkeep’, yard maintenance, etc., is often the key benefit of owning a townhome.


The ideal townhome buyer enjoys the amenities a townhome complex has to offer. Some have large green spaces, yet they require no lawn mowing from the owner. Many have great pools, jacuzzis, tennis courts, fitness centers, or clubhouses. If you own a traditional detached single family home, you might find it difficult to afford or have space for such wonderful amenities.



Some people do not feel secure in a single family home. A heightened sense of security may be a lifestyle benefit of townhome living. Simply being closer to a neighbor may help an individual feel less isolated or exposed to external dangers. Many complexes are also located in a private, or gated community.

Family Friendly-

Many townhome complexes today are ‘family friendly’. These complexes are a great place to have children. These communities often have park or playground access, trails, grassy areas, community pools, tennis courts and a close- knit community feel for children.

Adult Only or Retirement Communities-

Some other townhome or patio home complexes are adult only. Some are age regulated for seniors. In these complexes, an individual might find golf course access, or even pool tables, libraries or card and party rooms. This type lifestyle may also offer a unique opportunity for seniors to stay connected with others, and feel part of a community family.


Townhomes offer a wonderful blending of the feel of a home, with the added benefits of simplified lifestyle. Through the years, townhomes have become a popular choice for many home buyers. Townhomes come in many shapes, sizes, styles and locations. Whether it is an attached home, a large townhome complex, a duplex or triplex, a row home, or even a detached patio home, this type of property is a great option for many buyers.



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