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Morrison is located entirely within Jefferson County and just 30 minutes from downtown Denver.  Morrison sits at an elevation of 5800 and it has a small population of 417. Morrison has a small town mountain feel. On the west side of the Hogback rock formation and the base of the Rocky Mountains, many call Morrison "The Nearest Faraway Place".
Most people know Morrison for its location at Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre nestled within beautiful rock formations and beautiful mountain scenery.
Historic Morrison is also home to several charming restaurants and shops as well as two fantastic Bed and Breakfasts.  Morrison is often a starting point, for eager hikers, bikers, kayakers and rock climbers to begin their exploration of the Rocky Mountains and the numerous trails that run through the Jefferson County Open Space Parks.

For those who wish to learn about our pre-historic past, many will be delighted by the astounding geographic features and dinosaur findings displayed at the Morrison Natural History Museum and Dinosaur Ridge.


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