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Greenwood Village, Colorado is situated in Arapahoe County, immediately south of Denver, encompassing 8.35 square miles. The Village was first incorporated as a town in 1950.

Greenwood Village has developed into a dynamic blend of urban and residential areas, to include nationally recognized business parks and select residential neighborhoods.
In Greenwood Village you will find the Denver Technological Center, known as “DTC” or “Denver Tech Center” to residents.  It is home to several major businesses and corporations. The DTC area roughly corresponds to the area surrounding the I-25 corridor between I-225 and Arapahoe Road. Greenwood Village has become a very unique community. The Greenwood Village population of approximately 14,587 residents also has a "daytime" population made up of approximately 36,000 members of the business community.
Greenwood Village residents enjoy world-class restaurants and shopping, wonderful recreational and educational opportunities blended with up-scale businesses, hotels and office buildings. The pristine flower filled parks are a wonderful place to enjoy a family concert, stroll along a tranquil trail, or cheer on the neighborhood soccer team.  Just steps from Cherry Creek State Park and reservoir, residents enjoy wonderful hiking, boating and natural park reserves.


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